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Thanks to the italodanceportal.com it is revealed, that the Band-Project "State Of The Heart" also had a second Single "Love is Love", but it never saw the ray of light.

Your can find the information here: https://www.italodanceportal.com/forum/music/2-unknown-songs

I also totaly forgot to mention the new Remix from Datura, together with Federico Romanzi:

Here we go again ... now the website reaches his 10 years anniversary, so lets make a lil update.

Some CDs and Vinyls added, and piccole cose now moved from the MP3 to the CD section (it really exists!!!).

I "killed" all the flash contend ... since 2021 it's death... R.I.P. Flash :(
I also "killed" the guestbook completely.

way too long since the last update...

finally I've got the Buono CD Single!

Also part 3 of We Love The 90's vol. 3, the singapore Single of Infinity + the polish version of the Eternity album.

And the series goes on:

4 years after the last volume...

It took a while (I'm a bit lazy), but here:

And there's also a "new" remix / co-production:

Finally new stuff from Datura!

For more info's just take a look here:

Time for a new update: Finally I've got the last Datura single from the Label "Trance Records"! Say hello to the original "Mystic Motion"!

And I've also fixed the CD-Discography.

Oh, and my Datura Megamix "El Sol" is now available on mixcloud.

=> www.mixcloud.com/italosoundradio/datura-tribute-el-sol-by-dj-intro/

The second Megamix "La Luna" will be coming soon :)


I've created for italosoundradio.com a Datura tribute radio session for  the 14th of october 2012.
2 hours of Datura pur!
Here you can find all information you need: http://www.facebook.com/events/382244675185759/

After the show, the session will be available on mixcloud.com.

I've discovered, that "I Was Made For Lovin' You", which also contains the 2 Datura remixes, now finally released officially as a MP3-digital-release.

I've put some new CDs in the discography, like "Yerba Del Diablo Part 3". And a completely new remix was found on New Atlantic - Fiore - check it out!

     New Atlantic - Fiore

Grand opening of my Datura-Fanpage :)
Enjoy and discover my webproject and find some usefull informations.

Have fun! :)

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