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Board Rules!

PostPosted: Sat 5. Feb 2011, 14:58
by Intro
Please read the guidelines for this message board, bevor you start to post!

  • explicit voilent and pornographic contet will be deleted - immediently and without any premonition!!!
  • users post their content by their own risk!
  • please post your content in the right section.
  • no doubleposts pls!
  • excessive spaming will be deleted and cautioned!
  • consider the copiright (c) rights! If you post articles and news from other websites, mention the source pls!
  • to argue is absolutely allowed, but be always polite and wise - it is not allowed to insult somebody!
  • this forum is no MP3 database!!
  • you can upload and create your avatars and signatures as you want, but dont exaggerate it (500 px high signatures etc.).
  • forum language is english!

That's all at first, so have fun! :toast: