about me


About me

Name:  Bernhard Stossier 
Date of birth:  16.09.1987
Nationality:  Austria 
Place of residence:  Lambichl (Kärnten) 
Gender:  Male 

The website is a project I've created for the 3rd term of my higher education school (matriculation), business informatics. I also got the permission by Datura itself - yay!
It's the first website I've ever created, so be gentle :).

For my project I got an "A" on the business ecconomics exam  - awesome !!!

You can read the document-file, which was a part of the 3rt term exam , where I've  tried to document my workprocess of this webproject, as a PDF file.  But beware - it's in German only, sorry :(.

 <<< klick on the image, to open the pdf. file 

I love music, particulary Dance, (Progressive)Trance, (Euro)House ... mostly electronic ones. But I also like Pop, Rock and other commercial ones.

My biggest hobby is to dream, but I also like to collect music cd's. Check out my discogs profile and discover my arsenal!

I'm a big fan of Gigi D'Agostino, Chicane, Scooter, Enigma, Andru Donalds, DJ Ross, VNV Nation, Mario Piu... and of course also a big fan of Datura!
I've discoverd Datura in 2004 with their Single "Summer Of Energy" a collaboration with Gigi D'Agostino. And after I've also got their former single "Will Be One", I was happily surprised and bought more of them ... and I wasn't disappointet ;-).

I'm also member of the german fanpage http://www.gfu-community.de/ , a must for all german Gigi D'Agostino Fans!

If you have opinions, suggestions or anything else, feel free to contact me!
>> introo@gmx.at

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I got the permission to create this fanpage, literary copyright Bernhard Stossier, for more informations contact me: