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official DATURA-Website. There you also get biographies of Ciro Pagano and Stevano Mazzavillani, audio samples, many pictures and movie-clips, lyrics, discographies and more!
Coco Studio Bologna Logo   Coco Studio Bologna
sound producing studio of Stefano Mazzavillani and Ciro Pagano (Datura), founded in 1989. All Datura projects are made there!
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listen to some Datura tunes and get also informations of other important musicans!
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get the latest news of Datura!
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discover many interessting and funny movie-clips, Datura has also his own arsenal (incl. officaly music videos)!
pezzi-da-90-logo   Pezzi Da 90
selfmade project of Datura with their endeavor, to keep the 90's music alive! They also released compilations and radio-shows, check it out!
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a bright variety of books, music, games, movies and more are here listed, and there are also many Datura items to buy and don't miss the MP3-category!
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searching for rarities or trying to get a bargain? Then you are in position! 
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some Datura releases are very exclusive and only (officaly) avalible here! And if a item you would like to buy is sold out, then you still have the chance to buy the MP3-Edition!
discogs-logo   DISCOGS / e Datura
the biggest discography-project worldwide and Datura with they'r projects and pseudonyms are also listed here!
103 Logo   103.it
a private and faithfully italian label record company, inherited and rebuild by Luigi Barion. Some music productions also includes remixes by Datura! Comunicazione solo in italiano!
Italo Dance Portal Logo   ItaloDancePortal.com
a famos fanmade internetportal for italo-dance, with the latest news, biographies, lyrics, sound samples and of course a very exploratory message board!
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salesmans (and girls) all over the world have the chance to make they'r business here, and there are a lot of them! indipendend releases are also listed here!

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