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MP3, unreleased and fake stuff

Digital Release Only
  Johnson Righeira, iPesci - Mi Piaccion Le Sbarbine (Datura & Federico Romanzi Remix) (2019)
  Fade To Grey (Remixes 2019) (2019)
  The Best Of (Remastered Versions 2016) (Original And Remixes) (2016)
sweet feet music   Sweet Feet Music - I Was Made For Lovin' You - Re: Birth (2011)
  Datura Collection (2009)
  Hongmei Nie - Angeli (2004)
  Sweet Feet Music - I Was Made For Lovin' You (2005)
  Markonee - I Lie To You (2004)
  State of the Heart - Love Is Love (2003)
  Irene Grandi - Sconvolto Così (2001)
  Irene Grandi - Per Fare L'Amore (2001)
  Ligabue - Vivo Morto o X (1996)
  Freddie Mercury - Love Kills (1994)
Fake Releases
  Datura - Germenes 1991 - 2004 (Best-Of-Album)
--> actually a fanmade best-of also the tracks are partially cut from their original length
    Datura - Move To The Beat (Song)
--> not by Datura! (DJ Maxwell made a similar Track "To The Beat")
credited to Carla Manca and Rinefon
    Vasco Rossi - Delusa (Datura Remix) (Song)
--> actually it's the U.S.U.R.A. Remix
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